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ADWCleaner is no doubt an excellent program to have if you want to keep your computer in check by getting rid of undesirable programs.

ADWCleaner Review – Keeping Your PC Optimal

Do you want your computer to run faster without having to launch a reformat on the system? ADWCleaner is a tool that helps accomplish that by detecting unnecessary programs that could be causing your computer problems. With this simple installation, you can easily delete some of the most common problems encountered by frequent internet users: Adware (ads software), PUP/LPI (Potentially Undesirable Program), Toolbars, Hijacker (Hijack of the browser’s homepage).

adwcleaner scan in action

Product Overview

ADWCleaner is a small program that helps bleeping computers in a big way. Its main function is to scan and clean your computer of unnecessary programs that have attached themselves to your system during internet use. This includes adware, browser hijackers, PUP (potentially unwanted programs) and toolbar. Although not all of them are threatening, most of these installations are unnecessary and cause lag problems for computer users. You will find them attached to the browser toolbar, creating confusing and unused icons.

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How Do They Get There?

Much of the adware removed by ADWCleaner gets to your computer through program downloads. They are bundled up with specific programs so that they are inadvertently installed into your system. Unless you Custom Install and deliberately uncheck the boxes for their download, you’ll find that these programs will make themselves at home in your system, taking up valuable space in the hard drive and overtaxing the processor.

How to use ADWCleaner

The program is easy enough to use. Simply download and install the software, creating a shortcut on the desktop for easy access. Double click the icon and click SCAN to go through your system for unnecessary add-ons. You will be shown a list of programs that ADW considers unimportant in the computer. Users have the option of unchecking some boxes so that the tools they deliberately installed will not be removed by the system. Once you’re happy with the list, click CLEAN and allow the program to do its job.

adwcleaner registry scan


For such a small program, ADW can provide you with numerous benefits, starting with freeing up disk space. Although most adware are not reflected on the program list, they are capable of taking up large amounts of storage space through the browser. Attaching themselves to browsers like Firefox or Chrome, it becomes necessary to remove them one by one through the browser or remove the browser program entirely. ADWCleaner makes this unnecessary by offering to clean your computer in one full sweep, getting rid of the adware while leaving your browser and all the important settings intact.

The “Not Responding” warning and crashes that browsers display may also be attributed to an overload of adware in the toolbar. Removing this can make it easier for the browser to function, respond quickly, and load faster while connected to the internet.

With the browser cleared of adware icons, you’ll also have a better looking and wider browser space. This makes it easier for you to locate icons you need or perform functions you want done at a click of a finger.

Some adwares also perform undesirable tasks you’re not aware of. For example, some tools may change your proxy or access your keystrokes and data information. With the ADWCleaner, you can quickly remove any suspicious programs the minute they’re inadvertently installed in your computer. Advanced Settings may also be accessed to disable certain procedures that you might want to be left alone.

And let’s not forget that unlike most malware cleaners, AdwCleaner is totally free joining Combofix on top of our preferred security programs.


Unfortunately, ADWCleaner is not perfect. While the program tries its best to sweep through unwanted program files, there are too many of those produced in the market. Others may be too new and thus unrecognized by the software. Fortunately, developers of ADWCleaner consistently updates the product to recognize as many unwanted adwares as possible.

The program may also clash with certain installations in your computer. For example, if you’re running Antivir Webguard, then chances are you have the ASK toolbar installed. Removing this through ADW can cause Antivir Webguard to malfunction. Fortunately, you can easily stop this from happening by unchecking the corresponding box.

Babylon and Delta Search adwares may also ping an alert when running ADW, telling you that the program is trying to change your browser settings. Just click OK for this.

Customer Help

One of the best features of ADWCleaner is the presence of administrative help in the event of problems. Not only is the program updated on a routine basis, but you’ll find a forum that helps users discuss issues they find in the software as well as in their computers in general.

adwcleaner report log


To wrap it up, ADWCleaner is no doubt an excellent program to have if you want to keep your computer in check. If you’re the type of person constantly connected to the internet, having a solid AntiVirus program is not enough. After all, most adwares are not threatening. However, if you want to keep your computer functioning at optimum levels – this is definitely something you’ll need installed.


System Requirements:

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista


32 and 64 bit


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2016-06-29 18:23:10




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